Cone Customization

The Custom Filter Tip Advantage

Customizing the filter tip of your pre-rolled cones is not just about aesthetics; it’s about branding and personalization. By printing your logo or design in full color on the filter tip, you create a distinctive product that resonates with your audience.
This level of customization elevates your brand, setting it apart in a competitive market. Standard pre-rolled cones come with our W style filter tip, but you can also get our premium filter tip options in your custom pre-rolled cones. We offer spiral paper filter tips, glass and ceramic filter tips, all with customization options available to you.

Choosing the Right Paper

Selecting the appropriate cone paper is crucial for maximizing the impact of your custom branding. White paper provides the most transparent background, allowing your custom branding to shine through. Organic Hemp paper, known for its eco-friendly attributes, offers a more opaque backdrop, which may affect visibility.
The Unbleached Brown paper strikes a balance, offering a medium opacity that works well with dark contrasting colors and simplified designs.

Custom Filter Sizes

Filter sizes that are available for customization include 26mm (standard), 21mm, and 30mm. Our in-house design team will adjust the logo and font size according to the filter size you want.
There is no additional charge for the customization of smaller or larger filter sizes as well as any adjustments needed to make your custom pre-rolls look amazing.

Free Mock-Ups: Preview Your Design

Free mock-ups images are invaluable, providing a preview of how your custom pre-rolled cones will look, ensuring your branding comes out exactly as envisioned.

From Concept to Reality

Turning your design concept into custom pre-rolled cones involves several steps. Let us assist you in every step of the way from design to mock ups to the final order of your custom pre-rolled cones.